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The MAIN & WALL Story

Founded in 1991 to align the emerging discipline of financial planning with investment management, align strategy with purpose, and put the needs, goals, and interests of Main Street first, we were Main and Wall before Main and Wall was cool. Today in the World of finance as well as the World of politics, the debate, relationship, and interplay between Main Street and Wall Street, finance, and society is now front page, center stage, and all the rage.

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Introducing MAIN & WALL U  ~ The Institute for Modular-Finance...™

We don't have a 21st century financial system. What we do have is a system built with 19th-century ideas and 20th-century institutions juiced with 21st-century technology.

"There Is Nothing More Powerful than an Idea Whose Time Has Come" — Victor Hugo

The purpose of this site is to introduce you to a new way of thinking about planning and investing in the 21st century. We call this approach Modular-Finance-in-Motion. The ideas we will present to you are decades in the making, but fundamental in nature. Together they form the foundation of our model and approach.

Street Names

Our Mission Is Threefold:

  1. Bring These Ideas to the Forefront
  2. Establish the Foundation & Develop the Conceptual Framework
  3. Create the Requisite Model, Cultural, & Corporate Architecture to Put Them in Play to Benefit Individuals, Investors, & Society


This idea is the product of design thinking, bringing together an interdisciplinary approach to provide innovative thinking and solutions. They get you to the next level and survive and thrive in the ever-changing, highly competitive world of the 21st century.

The Game Has Changed

Today, needs are different. The game is faster, and the stakes are higher. Some get it, some don't, and some will get trapped in the past.

The ideas we present are firmly in play in both academia and at the institutional level. Unfortunately, when it comes to investment management, financial planning has always lagged ideas in academia and institutions by ten to twenty years. This time is no different.

While the institutional world is busy working with complexity theory, nonlinear systems, machine learning, Artificial Intelligens and Quantum computing - the financial planning industry is busy automating and selling - modern portfolio theory; an antiquated and incomplete theory from the 1950s.

The world is changing, the third wave is upon us, and most of Main Street will likely get left behind, again, with old-fashioned thinking and the mean variance optimization portfolios being touted today by old Wall Street. 

MAIN & WALL 2.1 is a play on both Modular-Finance™ and the disintermediation revolution. As for Modern Finance Theory...  As Max Plank said, "This idea must die."

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is Upon Us....

Time to Up your game....

Investing in the adaptive economy requires a notion of the future. Capitalism 4.0 and The Fourth Industrial Revolution provide the framework for  the age of transformation....

World Globes

These ideas will not translate through existing retail channels. That's why we created this site. This brings these thoughts to the forefront for those that what to play the game at the next level.