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Innovative Design and Systems Thinking in New York, NY

At Main & Wall University, our purpose is to understand complex and evolving systems with the goal of reaching successful and innovative financial planning strategies. We understand that economies are dynamic and multifaceted, and, therefore, we must adjust our thinking to fully understand how they operate.

Depend on us for financial theory courses that will help re-train your brain to identify new solutions. When it comes to modular finance, we offer an integrative framework to help analyze adaptive financial markets. Contact us today to learn more about design and systems thinking in New York, NY.

New Thinking Required

The world is always changing--with technologies constantly redefining our social interactions. It only makes sense that the way we conceptualize our economy keeps pace with these changes. Our aim is to gain a clearer understanding of the present moment, allowing us to prepare for what’s to come. Join us as we continue to examine today’s market structures in pursuit of a brighter financial future.

The End of (Modern Financial) Theory

Theoretically, theory and practice are the same, but practically, they are not. On a visit to the London School of Economics during the climax of the 2008 financial crisis, Queen Elizabeth asked the question that many were thinking: “Why did nobody see it coming?” The response from Robert Lucas--an economist at the University of Chicago--was equally blunt: economics did not provide useful notice of the crisis because economic theory has established that it cannot predict such crises. As John Kay writes, "Faced with such a response, a wise sovereign will seek counsel elsewhere." And so might we all. (Acknowledgement: Richard Bookstaber, The End of Theory)


Design & Systems Thinking in New York, NY

Introduction - Institute for New Economic Thinking

Design & Systems Thinking in New York, NY

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a form of solution-focused or solution-based thinking that starts with a goal instead of a particular problem. It is a formal method to create practical and creative problem resolutions with the intent of an improved future circumstance. By considering both present and future parameters and conditions, design thinking allows us to explore alternative solutions simultaneously.

This technique is distinct from the scientific method, which begins by defining all parameters of a problem. With design thinking, we identify and investigate both the known and unknown aspects of the current situation, allowing us to discover hidden limitations and alternative paths. Because this form of thinking is iterative, any ‘intermediate solutions’ are also potential starting points.

Systems Thinking

Analysis by decomposition is perhaps the most useful learning technique we gain growing up. It involves breaking down complex systems into more-easily-understood individual parts. While this is a useful technique in a variety of fields, it is especially practical for dynamic systems involving humans, allowing us to squeeze out the most important features.

Using systems thinking, we draw attention to the connections between individual parts, with a particular focus on how the system elements feedback to each other. This can either create extraordinary growth patterns by amplifying feedback or control the system by regulating feedback.


"And he refused to specialize in anything, preferring to keep an eye on the overall estate rather than any of its parts... And Nikolay's management produced the most brilliant results."
-Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

Integrative Thinking / Integrative Complexity

Integrative complexity is the ability to hold opposing values, traits, and ideas--and then integrate these thoughts into larger concepts.

Futures Thinking

The spoils go to those that can imagine a future different from the past... Star Trek, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Amazon, Facebook, Apple...

Coming Soon...

Future City


Combinatory Play... Design Thinking Meets Systems & Futures Thinking

The 3-Body Problem

The combination of systems thinking and design thinking is a marriage made for innovation. Systems thinking can often be bogged down in the present tense, spending much time analyzing the current circumstances. It’s used in fields such as conflict resolution, reliability, safety, and environmental sustainability, where the goal is to better manage risky and threatening situations.

By adding design thinking to this process, we create a hybrid discipline that allows for conflicts to be resolved through innovation, as opposed to incremental improvements. This combination solves problems by designing new solutions that are a win-win for everybody involved.

Contact us for more information. We offer courses in New York, New York.